Swimming Lessons

Exciting News!!!

After a five-year hiatus, I am very excited to announce that we will be offering swimming lessons again this summer with Miss Kara! 

Miss Kara taught swim lessons for Gym-Ken for many years before COVID. As much as she loves teaching gymnastics to your children, she is equally passionate about teaching children to swim and has missed it greatly.

Her goal is to produce safe, skilled, and happy swimmers while building self-esteem and a love for the water.  She is committed to providing professional swim instruction in a nurturing, safe, and fun environment.

We are offering 3 different sessions for the summer beginning July 9th.  These ½ hour lessons will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for 2 consecutive weeks.  The cost is $120.00 per session.

Please call the office or send an email if you would like any further information and we can answer any questions you may have such as schedule, appropriate levels,  etc.

You may register over the phone or in person at the office beginning on Wednesday, April 3rd.

*Our pool is out in our backyard (hidden behind the fence) - it's an above ground oval pool (18x33)*

Class Times are the same for all 3 Sessions: (July 9-18 / July 23-Aug.1/Aug.6-Aug.15)


8:30am - Level 1

9:00am - Level 2

9:30am - Levels 3 & 4

10:15am - Level 1

12:00pm - Level 1

12:30pm - Level 2

1:00pm - Level 3 & 4

See Level Descriptions Below:

Level 1 -  Prerequisites (ages 3 & up) 

Learning Objectives

How to enter & exit the water * Blowing Bubbles * Placing face in water * Front & back glides & floats recover to vertical position * Roll from front to back & back to front * Alternating & simultaneous leg actions on front & back * Alternating & simultaneous arm actions on front & back * Combined arm & leg actions on front & back

 Skills to be Mastered to Move to Level 2:  Swim on front independently across pool with 3-bubble * Roll over from front to back & float for 5-10 seconds (independently) * Swim on back using legs and arms * Dunk face under water 2-3 seconds

Level 2 - Prerequisites (see Level 1 skills to be mastered)

Learning Objectives

Build on basics learned in Preschool/Level 1 * Learn basic components of Front Crawl, Backstroke, & Elementary Backstroke * Swim with face submerged in water take a breath & resubmerge * Begin to increase swimming distances 

Skills to be Mastered in Order to Move to Level 3:  Demonstrate basic competency of Front Crawl Backstroke * Elementary Backstroke * Swim Front Crawl with face in water across pool with 1- or 2-piece bubble


Level 3 - Prerequisites (See level 2 skills to be mastered)

Learning Objectives

Build on skills learned in Level 2 * Learn more advanced components (breathing, timing, etc.) of Front Crawl * Backstroke * Elementary Backstroke * Swimming with face in the water & no bubble on * Continue to increase swimming distances and add endurance * Retrieving submerged toys from stairs

Skills to be Mastered in Order to Move to Level 4Demonstrate competency (specifically proper breathing & timing) of Front Crawl * Backstroke * Elementary Backstroke across the pool with NO bubble on * Swim Front Crawl & Backstroke across pool * Swim Backstroke & Elementary Backstroke at least 15 yards * Swim on front roll over to back to continue swimming

Level 4 - Prerequisites (See Level 3 skills to be mastered)

Learning Objectives

Build on skills learned in Level 3 * Continue to learn more advanced components of Front Crawl * Backstroke Breaststroke * Butterfly * Elementary Backstroke * Teach rotary Breathing * Submerging in various ways under water * Swimming & retrieving objects under water * Continue to increase swimming distances & add endurance * Introduction to flip turns